Welcome to my site!

I’m born and bred in Norway (hence the nickname), but now work as a ceramic artist in the bonnie city of Dundee in Scotland. When I am not working in my studio, I can normally be found out in the beautiful Scottish countryside, be it on top of a mountain or on the beach. A keen photographer, I often use my camera to gather inspiration in the natural world – photographing everything from majestic mountains to macro images of flowers and seashells.

I am fascinated by the properties of porcelain – it’s purity, whiteness and translucency. Since my final year at art college I have specialised in the technique of water-etching (or shellac resist) on cast and thrown porcelain pieces, creating delicate relief patterns that are brought to life as light passes through the porcelain walls. Using this technique I make everything from tea-light holders to sculptural light pieces. In the past couple of years I have also started carving and piercing patterns in the leather-hard porcelain, creating a multitude of new decorative effects.

My work is shown at various galleries across Scotland. I also participate in craft fairs like Potfest and other events.

Please bear in mind that this is not an online gallery of work I currently have in stock, but rather a showcase of work, both past and present. Every piece is made by hand and therefore every piece is unique. A lot of my work is one-off pieces or made in small themed series, nothing is mass produced. If you do like what you see, and would like to know where I exhibit, or would like to inquire about commissions, please contact me.

I hope you will enjoy the visit to these pages.